A Wonderful Week

IMG_0412I often wonder why we are so lucky in life and what makes us feel so privileged compared to some others. I know we have this amazing chance to travel since over two years in incredible places and have a very different life than the one most of the people have.

But is this luck? Is this what makes us feel so happy and fulfilled?


Actually it didn’t take us a long time of reflection to understand that even if sailing to many nice white sand beaches is great, swimming in crystal clear waters is amazing and exploring new places is thrilling this is not what brings us this happiness. What makes us feel so happy and what we will remember from this trip are the fabulous moments shared with people we met on our journey and which we learned to know and to love!




Our amazing week at the Noble House, here in Jamaica, with our friends Claire and Jack is a very good example of what happiness through love is! Every time we meet we truly understand how lucky we have been to have our paths cross over a year ago.

Claire you are a wonderful, wonderful person and the attention and the love you give to our three kids make them consider you as a second grandmother. Your sensitivity, your warm heart and all these little attention you always have for all of us, make us love you so much! And you Jack, it’s a gift to know you! You are the person we want to become, you are a model for Amos but for us as well. How to be an amazing person and still being able to be humble, simple and full of joy! Thank you, thank you to the two of you!






Happiness has a new definition: it’s being able to have a Jack and a Claire crossing your path and keep on walking in life with them at our side. We make the wish that this path will be long and full of amazing and shared moments! Yah Man!





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